About Me

a few things…

My name is Aaron, and I’m a son, brother, husband, and father. I also do a bunch of other things, but they don’t define me so much. I love to Lead Worship, Write Songs, Design Graphics, Work on Websites, and Watch Movies. I love Pepperoni pizza’s and I recently had to give up on Mt. Dew. She did me wrong, so now I’m trying to kick my Coke Zero habit. We’ll get there…eventually!

Some things I do…


Music is one of the best gifts God has given us. I love to listen to it, pray with it, sing along in the shower to it, write it, and enjoy the ability it has to heal, change, and inspire people.

Web design

I have been working on websites for almost a decade now. I enjoy the hard work of it, the creative aspect of it, and the ability to communicate something import through them. WordPress is the BOMB, and I love getting to support the cause of the church is meaningful and affordable ways!

Graphic Design & Branding

I have been working on graphic design and branding for quite a few years now. I’m all self-taught and believe the best way to design for the church is to work smart, not work hard. In ministry you only have a limited amount of time do devote to any one thing. I believe people are most important, the rest comes second!

Photography & Videography

I love being creative, and photography and videography allow you to tell stories using visuals. I love the ability to move people, craft vision, or see something celebrated in these art forms. I don’t get to spend a lot of time in this realm, but I look forward to growing and getting better every year.